Study Case 1

Study Case 1

Situation / Challenge

The client was grappling with ongoing misalignment and conflict within teams and across departments. Despite numerous initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration, unresolved issues continued to disrupt business processes. This confusion over the root causes—whether they stemmed from failed collaborative efforts or other underlying issues—posed significant operational challenges.


A growing player in the retail and distribution industry

Solution / Intervention

We adopted an issue tree approach to break down this complex problem into manageable components, allowing for a structured analysis and targeted interventions:

1. Data Collection: Systematically gathered comprehensive interaction data and workflow details from all affected teams and departments.
2. In-depth Analysis: Evaluated the internal dynamics to pinpoint inefficiencies in role and task distributions.
3. Root Cause Identification: Identified the lack of precise, measurable task assignments among roles, divisions, and departments as the primary issue.

Implementation Steps:
1. Redefining Roles and Responsibilities: Introduced specific, measurable job descriptions and tasks for each position to eliminate role overlap and enhance accountability.
2. Scope of Work Distribution: Implemented detailed definitions of scope of work for each division and department to ensure clarity and reduce potential conflicts.


1. Conflict Reduction: Introduced measures led to a 35% reduction in reported conflicts and misalignments within six months.
2. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and clarified role definitions contributed to a 30% increase in overall business process efficiency.
3. Employee Satisfaction: Enhanced clarity in role expectations resulted in a 25% improvement in employee satisfaction scores, as measured by internal surveys.
4. Ongoing Optimization: The company continues to refine these new structures, with ongoing monitoring showing consistent improvements in workflow integration and departmental collaboration.


Through strategic restructuring and clear task delineation, our interventions not only resolved the immediate disruptions but also set the stage for sustained operational success and enhanced employee morale. The client now benefits from a more cohesive work environment and is well-equipped for future challenges and growth opportunities.

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